Sheri can help you feel better, move through obstacles and make peace with your past by connecting you to the parts of yourself where healing takes place. She is a Master in her field. Not only does she help her clients to live more balanced lives but she embodies the very essence of a healer in the way she lives and moves through the world.
Sunny Massad, Ph.D. President of Hawaii Wellness, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Truly a total, emotional, and physically relaxing experience.
Diane Pelligrino, Human Resources Manager, Toronto, Canada
In all of my years of getting massages, I have never felt the energy flow or experienced the intensity of colours as when Sheri did her Reiki work on me.
John Marcocchio, St, Ann’s, Jamaica

I have been on the ‘path’ for a long time and not quite sure how to connect to what was beckoning me and how to free myself from what was keeping me down. Sheri was recommended by a dear friend. Under Sheri’s guidance I have been able to clear myself of a few blocks, understand the root of certain behaviour, and improve my awareness in daily life. Sheri is caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable in the art of Reiki. I trust her implicitly and highly recommend her.

Chiara Fagnola
Then yesterday it hit me that while I have done a lot of talk therapy and body therapy (yoga, and going to the gym) this felt like therapy for my soul. Therapy for my spirit… so I almost can’t even really put into words what the experience was like, other than I felt like another part of me is healing now (and not just the body and mind).
Sarah Easterbrook, Toronto, Canada

Learning Reiki with Sheri is an opportunity to see how wonderful self care and healing through Reiki and other practices can be. She is living proof of the joy and peace we can bring to our lives by engaging in healing practices. The intimate setting with other students allowed me to see the changes that would happen for myself as I watched fellow students grow confident in their ability to use Reiki.

Deborah Konecny, Community Educator, Reiki Student, Your Content Goes Here