Healthy Staff, Healthy Business Corporate Wellness Programs in Toronto

Business AchievementContrary to what most people would imagine, the modern workplace is in fact, the perfect setting to promote lifestyle changes that optimize health, encourage employee happiness and spread a feeling of harmony.

The corporate wellness concept is now proven and can be easily achieved using one or a combination of the healing therapies I offer my clients. As with any other successful wellness programs, my therapies aim to increase employee morale, reduce absenteeism, boost creativity and instill a sense of calm and unity across your entire workplace.

Wellness Counselling

I offer wellness counselling for small and medium sized businesses looking for an alternative to traditional Employee Assistance Programs.

At the foundation of my wellness counselling is the understanding of self care and the importance of people taking responsibility for their own health and well-being.  Using personalized wellness plans based on self care, meditation and healthy living, employees are able to discover the techniques they require to reach their wellness goals and create balance in their lives.

Presentations on self care and holistic wellness are included in the wellness counselling packages as well as meditation classes for stress reduction.

For further information on the wellness counselling packages or to book a consultation please contact me at or 416-602-2777

Choose from A Range of Wellness Seminars in Central Toronto Tailored to Your Needs

21649_4051I offer a range of corporate wellness seminars that promote and increase healing, energy, wellness and spirituality. These seminars are designed to be an introduction to holistic health and techniques that will help your staff to de-stress.

My wellness seminars offer powerful and practical ways to:

  • Release stress
  • Increase mental clarity and focus
  • Boost creativity
  • Understand and improve health
  • Bring positive energy into the workplace
  • Promote smoother relationships and empathy with co-workers and clients
  • Promote a team spirit and a shared vision to accomplish business goals by helping each other

Here is just an example of the types of seminar I offer and can tailor to suit the needs of your employees.

Introduction to Meditation

This seminar will provide an overview of the different types of meditation as well as the benefits. There will be an opportunity to practice a short meditation session.

Holistic Health

During this seminar, we will look at what holistic health means and provide an overview of the most popular holistic therapies including reiki, shiatsu and aromatherapy.

Why Arrange Your Corporate Wellness Program with Sheri?

In recent studies. more than half of all employees say they felt frustrated at work, and close to 40% say they don’t understand the company’s vision, or they have never seen it in action. Employee satisfaction can have a huge negative impact on a company, resulting in lost productivity and higher attrition.

I am qualified in a wide range of healing therapies and can tailor these to suit your business needs and corporate objectives. Whether you are looking to reduce absenteeism, boost employee morale or promote higher productivity, my wellness seminars are the perfect solution. All sessions are personalized and delivered by me, Sheri Fogarty, Reiki Master and Licensed Holistic Practitioner.

My professional qualifications include:

  • Certified Reiki Master and Licensed Holistic Practitioner
  • Certified Wellness Counsellor & Mentor, Hawaii Wellness Institute
  • Certified Contemplative End of Life, Naropa University, Rigpa
  • Certified in Psycho Dynamic Studies, Centre for Training in Psychotherapy
  • Certified Advanced Shiatsu Therapy, Shiatsu Centre, Toronto, Canada
  • Certified Aromatherapist, Prima Vera School of Aromatherapy
  • Member of the Japanese Shiatsu & Holistic Medicine Society of Canada
  • Licensed CARE Wellness Coach
  • I am proud to be connected with Wellspring – an innovative and growing network of support centers offering a range of programs to individuals living with cancer.

Speak to me today to find out more about the many life and business enhancing benefits of healing therapies in Toronto. You can call me at 416-602-2777 or get in touch by filling out my online contact form.

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