Learn to Meditate

Meditation has become increasingly more popular as people experience the many benefits including easing of stresses like anxiety, worry, depression and pain.  It also allows the experience of deep relaxation which has a positive impact on sleep and our ability to experience happiness.

I began meditating as a teenager and believe it has been my saving grace in life.  It has provided me with a connection to a deeper part of myself, where peace exists. This connection has been an anchor during difficult times and has proven to be an essential tool on my path to happiness, health and understanding the need to be able to care for ourselves and others.

I offer group classes and individual classes in person or by skype. If you are interested in learning how to mediate or have questions please with contact me at sheri@sherifogartyhealing.com

Introduction to Meditation

This workshop will introduce you to the basic meditation techniques which include relaxation techniques, proper posture, and breathing techniques.   If you have struggled with meditation this is the class for you!  I offer one on one or group classes.  Please contact me for more information sheri@sherifogartywellness.com

Loving Kindness Meditation for Beginners

The Loving Kindness meditation is a Buddhist meditation for developing compassion for oneself and others.  You will learn the basic meditation techniques which include relaxation techniques, proper posture, breathing techniques and the importance of developing compassion for oneself and others. Whether you are new to meditation or meditate regularly you are welcome to join in the practice of Loving Kindness.  For further information please contact me sheri@sherifogartywellness.com

Sheri Fogarty, Reiki Master, Licensed Holistic Practitioner was introduced to the Loving Kindness Meditation during her training at the Contemplative End of Life Course through Naropa University.