At the foundation of my Spiritual Wellness Coaching is the understanding that we are more than our physical bodies. We are beings of divine light who are here to fulfill our sacred purpose.

To be able to connect to our sacred purpose we must develop a spiritual path based on love, kindness and empathy towards our self and others. It is the relationship with our self that allows us to connect to our soul and our sacred purpose.

As a spiritual wellness coach I work with you as an ‘anamchara’, an Irish word meaning ‘soul friend’ to support you on a path of self-love by helping you to heal the parts of you that are holding on to pain. We will work together to help you make peace with your past and create a life based on happiness.

Together we identify the techniques and modalities that work best for you. Some of the modalities used include meditation, gratitude journaling, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, reiki, mantras, and more.

To book a consultation with me please email or 416-602-2777.

Spiritual Wellness Coaching is available by phone, in person or video chat so people around the globe can get the support they need.