Keynote: Meditation and the Energy Body

Meditation is being practised in boardrooms and community centres around the world. Professional athletes use it to improve performance, and doctors are prescribing it to patients to reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind, and promote relaxation and sleep.

During this presentation we will look at the history of meditation in the western world, the different types of meditation, and the challenges many people experience when starting a meditation practice.

You will learn tips on how to meditate, and the impact of meditation on your chakras – the energy centres within your body that impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

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 Meditation to Awaken your Soul

Given our busy lifestyles and never-ending pressure to keep up with phone calls, texts, and e-mails, meditation is more important than ever before.  We are constantly doing and rarely just being

Through learning how to be still, relax, and breathe, you will connect to your inner world and feel the connection each of us has to universal energy.

During this workshop you will be introduced to my signature guided Healing Light meditations. You will learn about your incredible energy body and how your life force energy – your soul’s light – moves through it.

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Cultivating the Spiritual Qualities of Kindness, Compassion and Empathy

Empathy is an essential human spiritual skill needed in this world now more than ever. But what happens when we feel things too deeply? What if we have too much empathy and are unsure what to do with it?

Through self-reflection and connection to others we can start to build kindness, compassion, and empathy in a healthy way, instead of feeling overwhelmed and shutting down by experiencing too much.

During this workshop we will look at how deeply felt emotions impact us and our energy body. You will leave with tools to help you harness this spiritual superpower and how to create meaningful change in a safe and healthy way.

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 Becoming Friends with Yourself

One of the most sacred and important relationships we have is the relationship with ourselves. Making time to heal and nurture this relationship is essential for every aspect of our wellbeing. Unfortunately, for many people this sacred relationship is based on negative self-talk, self-criticism, and, at times, self-hatred rather than self-love.

Together we will look at how the painful emotions we experience in life impact how we feel about ourselves and our energy body. Energy blocks are caused by painful emotional experiences and contribute to our negative inner dialogue – what I call the “untruths” of feeling and thinking we are not good enough, worthless, bad, etc.

During this workshop you will learn about, and experience, your energy body. You will journey deep within to connect with your sacred self. It is within this deep place that we can cultivate forgiveness, love, compassion, and empathy for ourselves and others.

You will leave this workshop with a deeper connection to your soul and with tools you can use on your own to continue nurturing this sacred relationship.

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