Cost: $200 (includes handouts and certification)
Saturday March 7th, 2020 in Toronto
at Toronto Healing Arts Centre

Reiki Practitioner Course – Level 1

Reiki means Universal Life Energy and is a natural energy healing technique widely used around the world to heal body, mind and soul. During the Reiki workshop you will be attuned to the Reiki energy allowing healing energy to flow through you.

You will learn:

History of Reiki

Reiki Principles

Hand positions for self-treatment and treating others

The Energy body – Chakras, Meridians and the Aura


Practice time

This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone wanting to learn about energy healing and how to heal themselves and others.

I am one of the first Reiki practitioners and teachers in Canada and have worked with 1000’s of clients. It would be an honour to teach you this incredible healing technique.

For further information or to register for Reiki Level 1, please contact me.

Learning Reiki with Sheri is an opportunity to see how wonderful self care and healing through Reiki and other practices can be. She is living proof of the joy and peace we can bring to our lives by engaging in healing practices. The intimate setting with other students allowed me to see the changes that would happen for myself as I watched fellow students grow confident in their ability to use Reiki.”
~ Deborah Konecny, Community Educator, Reiki Student

Learn to Meditate

Meditation has become increasingly more popular as people experience the many benefits including easing of stresses like anxiety, worry, depression and pain.  In today’s busy world, mediation is an important tool which allows us to connect to our deeper self. It also allows the experience of deep relaxation which has a positive impact on sleep and our ability to experience happiness.

Private meditation classes are available, please contact me

Loving Kindness Meditation for Beginners

The Loving Kindness meditation is a Buddhist meditation for developing compassion for oneself and others. Whether you are new to meditation or meditate regularly you are welcome to join us in the practice of Loving Kindness.

Sheri Fogarty, Reiki Master, Licensed Holistic Practitioner was introduced to the Loving Kindness Meditation during her training at the Contemplative End of Life Course through Naropa University.

Introduction to Aromatherapy

This course is designed to introduce you to the world of Aromatherapy for at-home use.  Essential oils are often referred to as the ‘spirit’ of the plant or flower.  These oils have been used for thousands of years for many things including healing and beauty.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction to essential oils
  • Blending of essential oils
  • When to use essential oils and how to use them safely
  • Best essential oils and various conditions for home use, including colds, aching muscles, and melancholy / depression
  • Essential oils for skin care
  • How to prepare bath salts

Introduction to Chakras and the Energy Body

Chakras, ‘wheels of light’ are energy centres located within the subtle body which impact the openness and flow of life force energy (also known as Ki or Prana).  The state of our chakras determines our health – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

During this introductory course, you will learn about each of the 7 main chakras and the emotions and characteristics they rule.

The following areas will be covered:

  • 7 main chakras
  • What each chakra governs
  • How Ki/Prana energy moves through the chakras
  • Meditation to open your chakras

 Book Now and Experience the Power of Healing Therapies

If you would like to find out more about healing yourself and others using proven, hands-on and meditative healing therapies, a workshop could be the perfect way to start your spiritual journey.

Call me to book now at 416-602-2777 or contact me.

As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all beings.”
~ His Holiness Dalai Lama